New Blog!

So I decided to finally get serious about starting at least a basic blog. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now; a place where I can share my passion for photography, and the jobs that I shoot, but a place where I can also be myself… kind of a journal for my thoughts.


Sateen, my kitty.

I’m not usually brave enough to share my ideas and opinions with the world, but I decided it’s about time to begin. This blog will cover many topics. Though I’ll try to stay away from sharing about work too frequently, sometimes work is my life. You’ve been warned. 😛

This blog will meander across a spectrum of issues: I can tell you upfront that I’ll be discussing photography techniques and goals, personal photography experiments, adorable cat photos… (See, it’s started already!), perhaps an excursion or two with my boyfriend _MG_0230(who doesn’t get many days off, but likes to sweep me off to beautiful places as frequently as he is able), politics (I’m a PCO. Get over it.), and religion (#CRCC FTW!) and that’s just for starters. Over the summer, I’ll probably begin blogging about exercise (love the Pacific Northwest in the summer!), and at some point, I’ll likely break down for a serious chat about my childhood (a.k.a. how Narcissistic Personality Disorder has affected my family), budgeting, and how independent living has transformed my life.

Additionally, some of my blog posts will be business oriented (I do work for the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce), so you might even anticipate reviews of local businesses and restaurants!

With that, my friends, I conclude my first blog.